The Supreme Court has spoken. Same Sex Marriage is now legal in all 50 states. As a citizen of the United States, I respect the way that our constitution works. Same Sex Marriage under the law was an inevitable concept. However, I highly question if it is the right direction for our society or any society for that matter?

I personally do not have a problem reconciling my Christian faith with this decision. As I understand scripture, the Bible, I hold fast that traditional marriage, between male and female, is a religious right, a God concept, and is the highest form of human fidelity. A Court’s ruling, even the highest Courts ruling, will not change that belief. Our country long ago ceased to be governed by the pattern of scripture and reading of those scriptures in school house throughout the land. Today is a game changer though for our nation. No matter how disappointing this decision may be for those of us who still hold fast to the Bible, it is now the law of the land. Now what? We as church leaders have become expert at growing our churches, creating brands for more speaking engagements, and offering a weekly praise “experience” at our churches. It is clear that we know how to do ‘our’ thing, but here is a real question we need to consider: How do we as Believers begin to integrate ourselves back into the conversations that guide our national dialogue?

Who among us can speak with intelligence, compassion, integrity and truth concerning these types of issues? Or are we left to defend the vile messages and the images of Christian hate from our past, that drove this issue to be litigated as a civil rights matter versus one of a faith?¬†Today, many faith based social media sites will bash the ruling, and call fire from heaven on our country. Honestly, I don’t think we need that. We need consistency in true Biblical virtues; consistency with true prophetic voices; consistency with those on the ground fighting in courts and legal rooms. Consistency is the most basic law of scripture, to love your neighbor.
I know this for sure, that we are called to love- and to love our LGBT brethren. I do and I respect their civil and social rights. My disagreement with this court ruling has more to do with my love for the sanctity of scripture and my sincerest desire to see humanity live at what I understand as “Gods best”. So now let the dialogue begin. We are ready to talk and not just dance and shout and preach.

Let’s be the Church that causes change. And transforms the lives of men wherever we may meet them

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