Being strong all the time can be a weakness. Sadness, sorrow, disappointment and grief all play a vital role in healthy emotions. These are the emotions that help your mind and body release perceived negative happenings. Its not healthy to consistently refuse these emotions under the guise of ‘being strong.’ If you do, your end will lead to bitterness and a lack of emotion.

But also, I warn, don’t be controlled by them either-prolonged seasons of these emotions need to be dealt with or will lead to depressions. Instead, communicate during your difficult times; talk to friends/loved ones, journal, and/or pray.

Remember: there is a “time and season” for everything. Be aware of it when it comes, and free it when it goes…

Ecc 3:1

Last night my wife and I had an event in Los Angeles to attend so instead of turning back around and heading home, we decided to have a little fun and stay in downtown LA. LA is a special place for us because we love the restaurants, the energy, and the fact that it afford us a little break from all the things we do from day to day. So the morning after, as is my custom, I woke up and went to work out. After pounding a few weights, I was about to jump on the dreaded treadmill but remembered that it was such a beautiful day out that I couldn’t give the treadmill the opportunity to steal my opportunity to be in the beautiful sun of LA- so I took my jog outdoors. Thinking that this would be a jog as normal, it was not. Yeah, normal in the sense of a basic route and basic visuals, but not normal in the sense of a basic route and basic visuals…

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Dealing with Your Dream Killers- any person or action that inhibits or prohibits your dreams from being activated

I want to talk about a reality of chasing your dream. As amazing and life changing as the reality of your dream will be; and for as many positive resources and people you will attract along the journey, you must also be ready to face the reality that big dreams also breed big opposition. And these oppositions are what are what have been commonly called “dream killers.”

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I am typing this blog from a flight from LA to Wisconsin. In case you didn’t know this about me, I do some of my best thinking from 30,000 feet above the ground! I get so much clear thinking here because the time I am locked up on an airplane (or am anywhere where there is no access to me and no access for me to reach others) I am distraction free.  I intentionally don’t buy the internet aboard planed because this seclusion frees me to be with the most important person in my life, me.  How important is this time for each of us? I would dare say that time with yourself can be some of the most productive and healing time you can invest in. I personally try to allow least three things to happen when I have this kind of time to myself:

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Okay, for us die hard Laker fans last night was a difficult night for us because we watched the leader of the Los Angeles Lakers, the heart of the team, and face of the franchise go down with an injury to his lower leg. Ouch!!! I knew by the way he was limping that it was likely more than an ankle sprain and like many in the Laker-nation I held my breath to hear the results. The results came the following day and confirmed what we all suspected- a torn Achilles tendon. For a young healthy player, its an injury that will take 7-9 months to heal correctly. On a guy 34 years old it can possibly be a career ender- well that’s at least what the so-called experts say.

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