20 Thoughts about the Midwest: Most of you know that I live in California but I am from the Midwest city St. Louis, Mo. The past few days I been hanging out in a few of my favorite Midwest cities and I just thought Id share a few reflections and observations about Midwest life that makes it so unique and at times down right awesome. Here are a few of the things I observed:

1. The radio. I miss the radio. Multiple stations with multiple genres and 24 hour gospel stations. Churches that broadcast live on Sundays! Talk radio to the umpth degree, and the local stations bump the local artists no matter what. They put them locals in rotation like they are selling platinum. DJ’s cuss, scratch, and mix live on the radio and its not even Sirus satellite ! I love it!

2. The People are the best. Kindness is a forgotten art, but not in the Midwest. Everyone speaks! Even in the hood people speak to each other! (Still don’t mean they won’t whoop yo behind, but if your cool, they speak!)

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1. I think Your Present Self Has More Potential Than Your Former Self. The implications associated with ‘finding you’ often result in losing people; none of the least of these people include your former self. Dying to what was, who you were, and how you did it is a commitment. Commit to operating in new paridigms that enhance where you’re going instead of trying to recreate where you’ve been.

2. I Think Who You Were Can Be An Enemy To Who You Want To Become. Living in yesterdays victories are the blocks for complacency and irrelevancy. If life and industry are always evolving, so does your life and industry. Past victories are an indictor of success potential, but not of success itself. So keep focused on the trends ahead with a firm hand on the solid norms that work and stay relevant in the game of life and industry.

3. I Think You Should Go For It. I mean really go for it. What was the last thing you put your entire self into? When was the last time you put a measured risk into something? Too often we go after high yield returns with a low measured investment. You will never go big, being small; to be big, you have to go big. So go big. Go for it.

4. I Think You Should Read More. Read to learn or read to relax. Reading is a habit of some of the most successful people in the world. If you are relaxing, it will help you share experiences or can take you to places (some real and some imaginary) that you otherwise could not have gone. And if for learning it’s an opportunity to gain ideas and tips from the smartest and brightest for much less than college would cost! Even in the world of video technology, the best stuff is still in books, not on video.

5. I Think You Should Review Your Friends. “You are becoming the five people closest to you.” It’s one of the clichés that have the most truth. If you look around and you are not satisfied with the lifestyle, commitment, and focus of those closest to you, you are likely not satisfied with yourself. Im not saying to dump your friends, but I am challenging you to expand your circle. Find associates you can grow from and be challenged by.

That’s what I think… Wake Up Ur Dream

Im reflecting about some of the worlds current events; the Gaza conflict, Russia/Ukraine unrest, Border security issues, Boko Haram, BRICS union, the minimum wage challenge, etc and I am amazed at how we can live in a world so dangerous, yet so exciting and full of potential all at the same time.

This is the time the thinkers concoct their greatest ideas, diplomats do their best diplomacy and the producers produce at unprecedented rates; protestors protest with earnest, praying people pray with fervor and get results, and even though the times feel uncertain, unsteady ground is the most fertile ground for change to grow.

These times are not to be feared, but embraced and participated in. Its not a time to bury your head and hope the wind blows over; but its the time to extend your wings and let the winds of difficulty take you further than you ever dreamed or imagined you could go. Civilizations advance in conflict. Hero’s are made in conflict. Your life grows in conflict. The Kingdom of God is advanced in conflict.

So whatever conflict our world faces or that you personally are facing in your life, embrace the challenge, participate in the solution, and watch the landscape of your life change for the better. It will get better if you participate in the change that makes it better.
This is a great time to be alive!

In Him,


I’ve witnessed panicked mothers navigate through seeming impossible circumstances to get their sick children to hospitals; I’ve seen a physically, emotionally, and financially depleted father and mother figure out unconventional methods to keep their children fed and with a roof over their heads; I’ve seen a troubled businessman create the most amazing idea during a down spiral in the market and make thousands… The common denominator in these all these people is that they all had a type of success ignited by a personal misfortune.

For many people, misfortune tells a tale of a sad hard luck story, with the greater emphasis on the ‘hard luck’ versus the rest of the story. However, for many other people, high achievers, positive thinkers, etc, misfortune is the water needed for their genius to swim in. Misfortune, if you understand its nature, is not really to point out your “mis,” its really to point you toward your “fortune.” See, the reason why a panicked mother can drive through traffic, surpass lines and get her baby to the ER is because her misfortune drove her to an unprecedented level of focus; why the father found ways to feed his family with no thought of failure or embarrassment from his peers? Because his misfortune forced him (and many of parents) to tap into their untapped sense of purpose and creativity to make meals, spin deals, and otherwise to provide for the family. Even many great inventors and business types don’t produce their best until they’ve reached near their worst.

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There really is no such thing as a one sided relationship that is considered healthy. If this is inspected maturely and truthfully every person in any type of relationship is engaged in it, at least in part because of what they receive from the relationship. You get married or have friends because of something they provide; they make you laugh, support you, encourage you, keep you from being lonely, or can stand to be the object of your affections etc. We enter business relationships because they can further our pursuits, help us make money, etc… There is nothing wrong with expecting something from a relationship that you give into. The people that you pour into and are in connection with should provide something meaningful to your life. It is fair and right to expect that. It creates the balance necessary to give the relationship worth. Any relationship without reciprocity should be reevaluated. One-sided relationships are fertile grounds for bitterness, and anger, so stay away from them.

If you consider that most well developed nations spend billions of dollars answering three essential questions necessary for current sustainability and future development then you will understand better why our history is important. Those three questions are:

– Who am I?

– Where in the world am I?

– How did I get here?

Answering these vital questions make national libraries, Historic Institutes, and academic history departments necessary to human development. The knowledge of ones history gives a nation a strong sense of knowing that they belong somewhere, knowing where that is, and it provided the identity of who they should be when they are there. Given this power, if ever, a person wants to control your development, its as simple as offering you a faulty account of your history and replacing it different information. These false truths about people, races, and particular individuals can have very destructive results. If you/we accept these false thoughts and ideas at face value, with no personal introspection, you/we will become who someone has told you/us to become; you/we will accomplish at the limits they have set for you/us and you/we will produce what they have willed for you/us to produce. For this reason it is important for you specifically, evaluate everything you have been trained to think about yourself, your life, your abilities, and your potential outcomes. To do this you must start by reviewing your life history; good or bad, you must review you, and then move forward with a God-strategy.

So, I ask, what have you been told about you, your abilities, and potential?  Whose ideals have you been living out from day to day? If you will consider for a minute a the history of you life and a few things Jesus Christ says about you and, perhaps you can answer those three questions for yourself and navigate yourself toward Gods best for you. Go back, to go forward.


Most of the people you know have a strong opinion of you. Whether they express it or not, they have an opinion about your gifts, your desires and more importantly, what you have the ability to become. Because we are at least, partially driven by the need for affirmation, to often give power to the opinions from others as if they are gospel, when in reality their opinions are nothing more than their own collection of fragmented thoughts, based on observed information, then filtered through the limits of their understanding. In other words, it is near impossible for a person to truly believe for you beyond what they believe about you. Therefore you will forever be judged and perceived according to the limits of their thinking concerning you. If you accept those opinions of you as fact and affirmation, you are destine to underachieve. In fact, you don’t have to accept anyone’s opinions of you anymore than you have to accept McDonald’s putting onions on your burger if you don’t want them. No matter what is said about you, your gifts, your desires, your potential, whether it be good or bad, you simply do not have to accept if it doesn’t fit where you are going.

So today, accept a higher opinion of you; one that is divine and is congruent with what God thinks about you and free yourself from the opinion of others. Find people that will affirm those beliefs about you and free yourself from the rest.

Your greatest deliverance has happened when u become free from the people who held you captive to their limitations.

Wake Up Ur Dream


If you are genuinely a solid person, the discipline to maintain your authenticity is key to enduring difficult times. You will regret any  negative adjustments you’ve allowed in your character thinking it will help get you through a difficult season. Remember that seasons always pass, and when the season is gone what will be remembered is not the season, but your compromised character.

IF you are an authentically solid person, don’t give it away in a season of difficulty. Be careful how you vent; how you express your displeasure; the words you say to those you love; and be mindful of performing any behaviors that you may later regret. Maintain your discipline so that the real you will always, authentically be revealed, even through difficult moments.


I had an interesting experience watching a kids basketball game the other day. As it is with 8/9 year old boys, they can have enormous variations in height and weight. Well, there was one kid who was taller and bigger than all the rest of the kids on either team. I mean he was a ‘biggin’ as they would say in the South, and had good skills. He could of scored nearly every time he touched the ball in that game because no one could guard him. However, he was such a kind hearted kid, that he’d take a shot here and there and pass the ball around to the others for them to take shots. They fell behind in the first half of the game and I was, like most parents in the gym that day yelling and screaming (in a healthy way of course) to him “shoot the ball” or “Take the shot!” Sometimes he’d shoot it, sometimes he’d pass.

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Question for the day: How would your friendships be affected if you became whole in your broken areas?

Brokeness is a fact of life. However, one, of many reasons why we stay broken is because some of the people in our lives allow us to stay so. Here is a tough truth: in some ways, our ‘friends’ benefit from our brokeness- whether it gives them a sense of purpose in our lives; gives them a commonality with us, or what have you. Nonetheless, it is possible for a person to root for your wholeness but not have the ability to contribute to it. What do you do when the people close to you can no longer help make you a better you in a significant way? What are your options if the people closest to you have contributed to you becoming stagnant, less upwardly mobile, and consistently broken?

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