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Step 1: Define Your Vision

Every transformation begins with vision. Helen Keller once said, “the only thing worst than being blind is having sight, but no vision.” And my goodness is she ever correct! Sight is a function of the eyes, but vision is a function of the heart’s deepest yearnings. Learning how to define, in pictures and words, your heart’s desire is key to developing a vision for your life.

The journey of transformation begins with a clear vision: who do you want to be and where do you want to go?

Vision establishes purpose and helps you determine a destination. Where there is clear vision, a strategy for achievement can be established. One of the greatest sources of significance and satisfaction is walking daily in the strategy of your vision.

Today, I encourage you to take time to imagine what your life will look like when your actions are aligned with the highest vision you have for your life; when you achieve your highest goal or goals. Then take the time to write down a series of adjectives that describe what you see. Take notice of what actions you are performing, what types of people you are with, and of the environment. Begin to tangibly place your thoughts in front of you with pen and paper. For some, creating a vision board helps them capture thoughts in pictures. Taking steps like these can put you in touch with your deepest desires and bring you closer to defining your life vision.

When you start to discern that you are on the right path, begin to write out a vision statement that is clear, concise, and challenges you to live up to it every day. Memorize it like the back of your hand and make it a part of your affirmations and thought pattern. You deserve to live life with a purpose, on purpose, and having a clear vision for your life is a major key to doing just that! That’s what I think! So, what’s next after you’ve defined your vision?

Step 2: Put the Plan Down on Paper

What are you waiting for? It’s time to create a “transformation action plan” and put it down on paper! Any type of transformation needs specific steps to chart its course. One of my favorite Christian scriptures is Habakkuk 2:2 and it challenges us to “Write the vision and make it plain, so those who read it can act quickly.” Your action plan needs to be in front of you as a simple and constant reminder of your larger purpose.

Is your transformation physical? Do you want to lose a certain amount of weight or add a certain amount of muscle by a certain date? Do you want to quit smoking? Or grow spiritually? How about having positive participation in your community? Or is your transformation career oriented? Whatever it is, make sure it’s in alignment with your personal vision statement first. And if it is, it’s time to create the strategy. Break it down into manageable steps charted across a span of time that is realistic, and challenges you at the same time.

Once you have your Vision defined and the steps charted to achieve it, you’ve taken a HUGE step towards a better life for yourself! This week I challenge you to take the time to define those elements. Because once the vision and action plan is set, it’s time to execute and there’s no going back! It’s not going to be easy, but I promise you it will be worth it.

I’d love to hear about your goals for transformation, what your vision is and how you’re going to achieve it. Feel free to reach out to me and let me know using #Transformation!

Terrell Fletcher Blog | Why Movement Matters

I heard someone once say that your life and your mind are like cement. If it doesn’t have movement it will harden.

I suppose that is why I think it is incredibly important to have motion. Most days, I try incredibly hard to continue to have purposeful movement in my life. I have always believed and I will always believe that it is better to try and fail, than not try at all.

I often wonder how some of the brightest people I have met in my career in Sports and in faith have yet to create external movement and energy. I believe for some, Judgment is at the core of failure.  Most of the time even if it’s by other people, we can be harder on ourselves and fear the judgment of those around us.

There is a fear of recuperability. There is an inherent fear that they won’t be able to recoup what they have invested.  Fear, is paralysis.

Paralysis is dangerous.  It can stop movement and momentum.  In can bring shame, doubt, and distraction.  It causes people who are making strides to stop in their tracks.  It can turn confidence into insecurity. It can turn faith into fear.

The truth is of course, that none of this is true. These are self-limiting beliefs. These are mindset changes. These are the rules of engagement we believe we must operate in. From my perspective, sometimes in life you can be a fisherman. You have to get up early, put on your waders, drive to your fishing hole and start casting. You keep casting. Throwing the line out, bringing it back. You cast again, hopeful that this time something has bitten.  It hasn’t, and you cast again. Sometimes the repeated movement creates it’s own secondary energy.  Either way, it’s movement.

There are two important baseline differences between Faith & Belief. Faith is where you see yourself, Belief is where you are.  If you are solid in your moment and create movement – you can operate on it. Not in it, on it.

How are you creating movement in your life today? Use #Transformation to Share your Story.

Terrell Fletcher - Blog Post: Transofrmation

Have you ever felt stuck? Like you’ve reached a wall, or even a ceiling in life? Have you ever gotten to a point where clarity is difficult?

I am sure you have. I think many of us share in the feeling of being stuck and the questions of how to get ‘unstuck.’ Many years ago I had an interesting moment in my life where I had reached my financial goal; reached my educational goals; reached my professional goal; and for the most part reached my personal relationship goals. You would think I would have been pretty happy in life huh? But instead I felt stuck and didn’t know why or how to fix it. I shared similar dissatisfactions and emotions of a person who could not advance at their job, or who couldn’t quite reach their goals for other barriers. It didn’t’ make sense to me that I reached most of my goals, but still did not sense fulfillment. The lesson I learned was that linear and vertical ‘stuckness’ are nearly the same thing. If there is no vision past your barriers, in my case, my personal goals, you run the risk of hitting a wall. It is possible to have vision to hit your goals, but not enough vision to live past them. I had to find a way to transform my thinking!

Transformed thinking begins with belief systems. Whenever I notice that Im in a prolonged rut, I take it as an opportunity to personally start searching and looking at the belief system that I am operating in. Sometimes, we are limited by what we believe, as opposed to what has been done to us. Interestingly enough, my goals were my ceiling. I believed myself right up to my goals. When I reached them, I realized that over the years though my production increased, my beliefs didn’t, therefore my goals didn’t. I could not forecast another goal because I did not transform my belief in myself to do so. It is strange to think that I have achieved these goals. It has only been in the past few years that I have really begun to formulate and create new goals based on a different mindset and path. If you are not careful, you can outdo yourself – and get “Stuck” in a different way.

Sometimes, this is not growth; it is just creating the same experience and applying it differently. I equate at times growth & Expansion in the graph listed here. I am more interested, now, more than ever, than challenging myself to get unstuck, and focus on a new, Expansion.

Do you ever get stuck? If so, How do you get Unstuck? Use #WalkWithIntention to share your story.

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It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was sitting in a circle with a group of athletes and professionals.  

We discussed things unfolding in our lives- sometimes good- sometimes bad. The room was our space to keep it real, and have a tribe who was there for each other.  We created a think tank where we could hold each other – as athletes and professionals, and thought leaders accountable. We would have dinner. We would laugh. We would think. We shared our ideas about what was really going on. I loved that room. The energy was dynamic. Yet, each week I would leave that room a bit empty, because deep in my gut I knew that most of the ideas that populated the air would go no further than that room after we left.

Dr. Miles Munroe had an interesting quote that summed this up well

“The wealthiest places in the world are not gold mines, oil fields, diamond mines or banks. The wealthiest place is the cemetery. There lies companies that were never started, masterpieces that were never painted…

In an interesting way, that was our room. We left world changing ideas in that room. Until one day I realized that I had an ability to do something about it. My lot in life has been the ability to wake up people’s dreams. I motivate people, I inspire, and I challenge people into action. And one day, I started to challenge these great men not to leave their dreams in sleep mode. I reminded them that everyone has the ability to fulfill those ideas, not just think of them. And slowly, over time guys started putting action to their ideas.

As I challenged that room, I now challenge you – it’s time for your dream to get out of your head and into the real world! It’s time for the world to experience you.

Your dream emanates from a deep space in your passions and ultimately is designed to solve a practical or spiritual problem in this world. Holding back on fulfilling your dream is also holding back a solution that could lead to someone’s happiness, peace or fulfillment. Your dream fulfilled could be the guiding light someone needs to solve an issue that has been holding them back. Your dream fulfilled could also be key to your personal wealth and your personal sense of significance.

What have you been dreaming and desiring that you haven’t gotten out of your head? What are you waiting for? Don’t know how? Well if the intention is there the how will appear. Be intentional about pursuing your dream and the pieces that will make it work will gradually but consistently show up. What can you do to wake up your dreams today?

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Spring is upon us and to me there is something incredibly invigorating about the springtime.

The warm weather, fresh air, out-door activities, new leaves, grass and shrubs etc… to me, springtime is about the new and refreshing. Particularly after a long cold winter, this time of year stimulates my desires for something different. And that almost always includes some form of spring cleaning! Yes, out with the sweaters and coats and in with the shorts and tee’s! However, as a public speaker, often when I talk about spring-cleaning, I am really discussing the idea of reprioritizing; the task of making room at the front of your life for the people, activities and things that matter most. It is not about getting rid of them, but properly prioritizing them in a way that serves both you and those in your life.

Why? Well, because seasonal changes are a part of life. And like the seasons for weather, seasons in your life change regularly. Young people become old people; parents become empty nesters; singles get married; some married get divorced; children are born; jobs are gained, jobs are lost, etc. When seasons shift, some of your priorities will have to shift with it to keep you on balance. The action of reprioritizing is important because it is possible that what was once a help to you one season could be an unnecessary hindrance to you in a different season- kind of like my winter sweaters in the springtime.

I am a big proponent of recognizing and honoring the seasons of life. For me, from time to time, I have to prioritize what matter and who matters, and you need to as well. It’s incredibly important to be able to sift through and re-evaluate areas of importance to you.

Are you carrying too much stress? Too many burdens? Perhaps its time for you to reprioritize some things.

For most people, they aren’t always getting rid of clothing, but moving winter things into storage, while bringing their spring and summer clothes out. So don’t move too quickly. Be thoughtful of your reprioritization and why. It’s not always about jumping into a new season if the existing one has not closed yet. Why move coats and sweaters if it is still cold outside? One thing that works today, may not work in the next season.

All I know for sure is during the process of your own Spring Cleaning, decisions must be made. You might have to throw things out or you might carefully wrap it up and may need it again. Either way, you live with your decisions, you make your bed, and you shift things to meet your needs, in life or in your closet.

The Supreme Court has spoken. Same Sex Marriage is now legal in all 50 states. As a citizen of the United States, I respect the way that our constitution works. Same Sex Marriage under the law was an inevitable concept. However, I highly question if it is the right direction for our society or any society for that matter?

I personally do not have a problem reconciling my Christian faith with this decision. As I understand scripture, the Bible, I hold fast that traditional marriage, between male and female, is a religious right, a God concept, and is the highest form of human fidelity. A Court’s ruling, even the highest Courts ruling, will not change that belief. Our country long ago ceased to be governed by the pattern of scripture and reading of those scriptures in school house throughout the land. Today is a game changer though for our nation. No matter how disappointing this decision may be for those of us who still hold fast to the Bible, it is now the law of the land. Now what? We as church leaders have become expert at growing our churches, creating brands for more speaking engagements, and offering a weekly praise “experience” at our churches. It is clear that we know how to do ‘our’ thing, but here is a real question we need to consider: How do we as Believers begin to integrate ourselves back into the conversations that guide our national dialogue?

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As we mourn, filter through our emotions and reflect on the recent tragedy in Charleston South Carolina I was challenged with what response I personally should give as a black man and a pastor. Then as a local church. The thought pattern became more intriguing when I thought about what response the unified church should give. The following are a few thoughts about what I believe the church should do in response to the shootings. This list is not exhaustive or a end all, but a start.


  1. Talk About Race: This is the perfect time and place to talk about race relations in America….AGAIN. If you consider that its the south, a terrorist act against a black church, and 9 black people dead at the hands of a racist white man, you cannot help but draw historical parallels with the 16th Baptist church bombings and the general disregard for black life. Feels like we are back at the beginning. Perhaps the reset should be a restart of a conversation between black Americans and white Americans, and honestly white Americans with other white Americans, that we and they have not fully had.


  1. The Humility to Repent: Racism is a difficult conversation for everyone, but particularly for white Americans. But there can be no true healing without an acknowledgement of fault from those at fault. A full admission too. It is both courageous and humble to acknowledge historical and ancestoral wrongs to those whom have been violated. There is no true healing when we medicate a symptom. Repentance is the only pathway to true healing. If I had my way, Id like to see prominent white pastors acknowledge the issue, accept a historical responsibility to it and participate in the strategy for healing- then teach about it from their pulpits.

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50 years ago this weekend (March 7, 1965), at the foot of the Edmund Pettis Bridge in Selma, Alabama, 600 civil rights activists attempted to execute a peaceful march from Selma to the Alabama state capital of Montgomery. This march was to be a public, but peaceful show of defiance against the segregationist repression that violated black American citizens and their right to vote. However, after leaving Selma no one could have ever imagined the scene that would happen next. Alabama state troopers and county law enforcement together attacked the unarmed marchers with Billy clubs and tear gas. Men, women, elderly were voraciously beaten and attacked until they were pushed back to the other side of the bridge. To this day one of the most publicized media photos of Bloody Sunday is that of Amelia Boynton lying unconscious in the street from the attack. The offense was considered so violent that the event was earned the nickname “Bloody Sunday.”

As a believer in Christ and an advocate/activist of sorts, I have an abiding call to justice and a healthy respect for overlooked watershed moments. These are the events, the words, or the actions that are critical to a movement but are not as visibly recognized outside of the insider circles. Bloody Sunday was such. As the years have passed that dreadful day has been washed out or in some circles blended in to such a degree that its significance has been hard to find. However, Selma proved the metal of the civil rights movement. Selma put the violence response to the movement on national television. Selma publically showed the Jewish community a committed ally with the Black community -they were not just willing to fund her, but to willing suffer with her. Selma invited the nation into the nightmare black Americans were experiencing. Selma ultimately helped tip the White House to finally craft the bill that would later pass and become the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Selma cannot be lost or forgotten in our quest for equal freedoms, for I fear that lovers of justice will again be tested in future generations. The lessons of Selma are on your side.

Note from me: this is not my usual blog style blog and I will get back to all the motivational/inspirational stuff next month- but when RESPECT is deserved, it should be given. I pause to respect the movement, the Selma Marches and the participants in particular and its 50 years of significance.

If you want to learn more: Oprah Winfrey’s Selma, a depiction of the Selma events was an awesome and a fantastic cinematic piece to enjoy. However, equally as moving is the award-winning documentary Eyes on The Prize. This is a 14 hour documentary has more time to lay out the context and significance and history of civil rights events. Hint: episode six is wholly dedicated to the Selma marches and Bloody Sunday. God bless!

Wake Up Ur Dream


Newness is in the air again! It’s 2015 and time to make lots of resolutions and promises to yourself about how you’re going to make life more fulfilling, in 2015 than 2014 right? Right. Im not against any of that, in fact I encourage it and want to make a suggested addition to your list of things to do this year and that is: BE INTENTIONAL…. because none of it will happen if you are not intentional about them happening. Below a list of 10 things you should consider being intentional about in 2015…Check them out and tell me what else will you add?

1. Intentionally Make positive memories– take a trip, do an outing, put a tent up in the back yard, or go to a game. But whatever you do laugh hard, enjoy the process then log it, write about it, and take enough pictures to remember the joy of it. Be intentional about making memories- remembering them will give you lots of joy for years to come.

2. Intentionally Work Toward Your Personal Goals– Goals do not accomplish themselves. Take an intentional approach toward accomplishing them. Write your steps and start moving toward them.

3. Intentionally Forgive Yourself– You’re gonna mess up this year. Yes you are, so stop thinking and acting like you are above it. Owning your flub up is a sign of humility, and forgiving yourself and moving in a more positive direction is a sign of maturity. Do that intentionally this year and watch the weight of guilt and shame lift off you so you can be free to try again. Keep Reading →