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As much as transformation includes starting to do the things we’re not doing, it’s just as important to stop doing the things that are not serving us.

Today, it’s important to stop doing the things that aren’t serving your vision. This can be incredibly difficult, especially with regards to deep-seated patterns of behavior and thoughts we’ve conditioned ourselves to follow over the years.

Make no mistake, this step of transformation will be the hardest part of this process and is probably not going to be fun. Initially, you may fail as much as you succeed. However, practicing your new behaviors and mindset will become instinctual over time. While it will be difficult, I promise it will be worth it!

So how do you do it? Identify, then act. Identify your trouble patterns and abruptly halt the things that need to stop. If you need an accountability partner or group (friends or mentors), or professional help (life coach, support groups, treatment center, etc.), find them! Empower yourself with the tools to get through the pain and discomfort that this leg of your transformation will bring. If your resolve is stronger than your weakness, you will overcome. It’s time to go to battle against your weaknesses. It’s time to take your power back by doing this self-work! You can do it!

As you introduce new patterns and conditions into your life that are aligned with your vision and goals, you will start to gain momentum that gives you strength in moments of weakness. You will begin to realize just how strong and capable you really are; that you have the power to overcome your weaknesses and that you really can do this thing called Transformation.

So today, right now, I challenge you to BREAK THE PATTERN. Identify one thing that needs to stop and put your foot down and stop it TODAY. Feel free to reach out and let me know which pattern you changed and how it felt. Tag your stories with #Transformation #BreakthePattern.

Question for the day: How would your friendships be affected if you became whole in your broken areas?

Brokeness is a fact of life. However, one, of many reasons why we stay broken is because some of the people in our lives allow us to stay so. Here is a tough truth: in some ways, our ‘friends’ benefit from our brokeness- whether it gives them a sense of purpose in our lives; gives them a commonality with us, or what have you. Nonetheless, it is possible for a person to root for your wholeness but not have the ability to contribute to it. What do you do when the people close to you can no longer help make you a better you in a significant way? What are your options if the people closest to you have contributed to you becoming stagnant, less upwardly mobile, and consistently broken?

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