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If you’ve been keeping up with this transformation blog series, by now you’ve written your vision statement, charted a specific path to your transformation, and begun to break the patterns that are not serving your journey to fulfillment. Congratulations on your progress! Now its time to focus on consistent action towards your goals.

Keeping your behavior consistent with your vision is a daily effort which must be tracked if you’re going to truly transform your life. Tracking helps you stay in touch with your goals and focused on your progress, as well as identify obstacles and avoid missteps.

A few easy ways to track your consistency is to start a written journal or find an app or online tool to track your goals and progress as well as your feelings. Behold your journal as the calm place you go to reflect on your journey, where you can be open and honest with yourself in the privacy of your thoughts.

No matter whether you’re venting frustrations or basking in the glow of a triumph, write it down! Did you achieve a milestone or overcome a desire to retreat to an old habit? How did it feel? Did you have a moment of weakness that needs to be sorted out? Open a dialogue with yourself, removed from the judgement of the outside world.

Don’t forget to write down your specific results. How much do you weigh today? How long has it been since your last cigarette? How much money is in your savings account? How many days consistent are you on your action plan? What benefits have you started to notice?

You will find that consistent journaling during your transformation will yield positive, unexpected results. You will become more in touch with yourself, your progress, how you truly feel, and what is holding you back. You will begin to have a greater understanding of your patterns and why you do the things you do. As time goes on, you’ll be able to reflect more on your journey, and it will become a running history of your pivot, how you transformed from your old self to your new self.

Today, I challenge you to write your first entry. Reach out and let me know how it felt to open a dialogue with yourself using #Transformation and #WalkWithIntention.

Terrell Fletcher Blog | Why Movement Matters

I heard someone once say that your life and your mind are like cement. If it doesn’t have movement it will harden.

I suppose that is why I think it is incredibly important to have motion. Most days, I try incredibly hard to continue to have purposeful movement in my life. I have always believed and I will always believe that it is better to try and fail, than not try at all.

I often wonder how some of the brightest people I have met in my career in Sports and in faith have yet to create external movement and energy. I believe for some, Judgment is at the core of failure.  Most of the time even if it’s by other people, we can be harder on ourselves and fear the judgment of those around us.

There is a fear of recuperability. There is an inherent fear that they won’t be able to recoup what they have invested.  Fear, is paralysis.

Paralysis is dangerous.  It can stop movement and momentum.  In can bring shame, doubt, and distraction.  It causes people who are making strides to stop in their tracks.  It can turn confidence into insecurity. It can turn faith into fear.

The truth is of course, that none of this is true. These are self-limiting beliefs. These are mindset changes. These are the rules of engagement we believe we must operate in. From my perspective, sometimes in life you can be a fisherman. You have to get up early, put on your waders, drive to your fishing hole and start casting. You keep casting. Throwing the line out, bringing it back. You cast again, hopeful that this time something has bitten.  It hasn’t, and you cast again. Sometimes the repeated movement creates it’s own secondary energy.  Either way, it’s movement.

There are two important baseline differences between Faith & Belief. Faith is where you see yourself, Belief is where you are.  If you are solid in your moment and create movement – you can operate on it. Not in it, on it.

How are you creating movement in your life today? Use #Transformation to Share your Story.