20 Thoughts about the Midwest: Most of you know that I live in California but I am from the Midwest city St. Louis, Mo. The past few days I been hanging out in a few of my favorite Midwest cities and I just thought Id share a few reflections and observations about Midwest life that makes it so unique and at times down right awesome. Here are a few of the things I observed:

1. The radio. I miss the radio. Multiple stations with multiple genres and 24 hour gospel stations. Churches that broadcast live on Sundays! Talk radio to the umpth degree, and the local stations bump the local artists no matter what. They put them locals in rotation like they are selling platinum. DJ’s cuss, scratch, and mix live on the radio and its not even Sirus satellite ! I love it!

2. The People are the best. Kindness is a forgotten art, but not in the Midwest. Everyone speaks! Even in the hood people speak to each other! (Still don’t mean they won’t whoop yo behind, but if your cool, they speak!)

3. Diversity. Its more diverse than I remember. Telemundo has a chance to be a legitimately used channel now!

4. Its old with good bones. Its like the high school teacher that you could tell by their structure that in her day they she a hottie- that’s like the Midwest. The Midwest is getting a little older and could use a cosmetic face-lift; bridges, buildings, roads, monuments etc, but the structures themselves have amazing history and character. The downtown’s have the most potential bc they have the most character. As the rehab efforts keep moving, its gonna be on another level.

5. Trucking. I forgot how prominent the trucking industry is in the heartlands. They own the highways so get to the right lane if u see them coming! The Midwest is a semi-truck heaven.

6. No traffic. Comparatively speaking of course. Even Chicago’s traffic is manageable.

7. Smoking. As an observation, a lot of people smoke in the Midwest. And sometimes they can smoke inside pubic places too, which is a double downer ‪#‎nojudgement‬‬‬. But hey, your city gotta have the toughest people in America if they can put smoking chambers in airports with people using them regularly and no one dies immediately upon entrance. That’s some G Stuff!

8. The food is good and hearty. No little portions. If you order a steak, you just bought a hunk of beef big as your plate, not some wimpy trimmed down slice of meat that could fit in a Lunchable. And if you order a three piece, you might get five pieces if the server feels the wings are too small or if you’re flipping nice enough to person serving you. Worry about the triple bypass later, the food will b a good and large portioned!

9. Businesses. There are still a lot of independently owned businesses. The ‘little man’ can be his own boss and rise instead of having to operate in a purely corporatized society. ‪#‎AmericanDream‬‬‬

10. Backyards. I miss backyards and houses that aren’t that close to each other…honestly, the house I live in now and the house I grew up in are about the same distance from each other and my house is uberly more than Nathan Dr. Yes, I made that word up! Uberly!

11. Flat. I’m a view kinda guy so I like peaks, valleys, mountains, water, etc, so flatness doesn’t always work for me…unless Im on the 41st floor in downtown Chicago dawg!! Then it’s not so bad. ‪#‎MidwestRocks‬‬‬

12. Cold. Yeah, that hasn’t changed. Got nothing good, inspirational or kind to say about that. I can’t wear my flip-flops in December.

13. Do not sleep on Midwest fashion. The bruh’s and sisters dress to the nines. Derby’s, baggy slacks, wool knit sweaters, designer skully’s, peacoats, and of course some Air Force Ones in any flavor you like- gimmie 2 purr.

15. White Castles.

16. Church Choirs. Ahh man- Many have shifted to praise teams out west as opposed to choirs—However, the Midwest choirs are alive, amazingly well and are a mainstay in the culture. I was so blessed Sunday to hear the tenor section hold down their part in How Excellent!!! “IN ALL THE EARTH…” ‪#‎BringBackTheChoir‬‬‬

17. Speaking of church, the Midwest got the best collection of organists, drummers, and sermonic soloists ever. Period. ‘When IIIII see Jesus. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAmaaan”

18. Did I mention that it still gets cold in the Midwest and so flip flops in December, January, or February? Yeah…

19. The trees. The Midwest has the best colored and smelling trees of anywhere I’ve ever been. N. Carolina maybe compares in the sheer amount of trees, but not in the fresh pines, oaks, etc. and
the electric colors of the leaves.

20. Traditional Values. The values of family, education, hard work, belief in America, etc, still ring true in the fiber of the Midwest. More than any section of the United States the Midwest represents the honest possibilities of this great country. Interesting that I felt that…
so inspiring, so random, so terrell…

Enjoy your Thursday day, like its a Friday night!

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