Newness is in the air again! It’s 2015 and time to make lots of resolutions and promises to yourself about how you’re going to make life more fulfilling, in 2015 than 2014 right? Right. Im not against any of that, in fact I encourage it and want to make a suggested addition to your list of things to do this year and that is: BE INTENTIONAL…. because none of it will happen if you are not intentional about them happening. Below a list of 10 things you should consider being intentional about in 2015…Check them out and tell me what else will you add?

1. Intentionally Make positive memories– take a trip, do an outing, put a tent up in the back yard, or go to a game. But whatever you do laugh hard, enjoy the process then log it, write about it, and take enough pictures to remember the joy of it. Be intentional about making memories- remembering them will give you lots of joy for years to come.

2. Intentionally Work Toward Your Personal Goals– Goals do not accomplish themselves. Take an intentional approach toward accomplishing them. Write your steps and start moving toward them.

3. Intentionally Forgive Yourself– You’re gonna mess up this year. Yes you are, so stop thinking and acting like you are above it. Owning your flub up is a sign of humility, and forgiving yourself and moving in a more positive direction is a sign of maturity. Do that intentionally this year and watch the weight of guilt and shame lift off you so you can be free to try again.

4. Intentionally Forgive Others– The sooner you forgive, the sooner you heal. Carrying grudges is just a waste of good time and energy. The only real prisoner of your un-forgiveness is you because you have to stay locked in an angry space in order to make your offender feel the affects of your anger. Let it go…intentionally.

5. Intentionally Applaud Yourself– You applaud everyone else, and lets face it, you’re pretty good at it too. In 2015, applaud and encourage yourself. Take YOU to dinner; intentionally treat yourself to the spa, etc as a reward for being a good you. Don’t treat the good you do and your accomplishments like they do not deserve to be honored. They do! You can’t expect others to honor the good in you if you won’t honor the good in you first.

6. Intentionally be Intentional– Setting plans and goals is easy. Doing them is less easy if they are not in the forefront of your thinking constantly. Be intentional about your goal to ‘be intentional.’ Post reminders; put a calendar together; begin to arrange your financial life, your disposable hours and your connections to make room for your intentions. Put it in your own face about what you want to be intentional about it. It has to be intentional.

7. Intentionally Max Out The Resources In Your Immediate Sphere– Sometimes we look elsewhere for answers when the answer is right next to you. Before you expand, make sure that you intentionally inspect and use every resource in your immediate sphere. I suggest that you create a network map. Find out who is close to you and how you can utilize the relationship with mutual reciprocity. People and resources are currently in your life for a specific reason, so see if you can maximize them as a first choice. And if you’ve exhausted what is in your sphere, then proceed to number 8.

8. Intentionally Work the ‘Other Side of The Room’– Don’t you already know who you know? Aren’t you already acutely aware of their abilities, limits, and where they fit in your life? Well, if you know that, and you aren’t where you need to be, maybe its time to add other resources and people to your cache. Get to know new people with new gift sets, and new ideas etc. Step outside and get expand your network and build new relationships. Work the other side of the room.

9. Intentionally Reserve ‘You’– As a resource, you have limits. You’ve got family, personal goals and interests, etc that you must tend to. How you dole out yourself, your contacts, and your energy is important. This year you must intentionally be conscious that you cannot do everything and support everyone in the same way. Figure out new and creative ways to contribute to the people and ideas that are valuable to you- give financial support, give consultant expertise, make a connection, or just say ‘no, I can’t at this time.’ There are more ways to assist than to use all your energies on ‘the ground.’

10. Intentionally Increase Your Spiritual Quotient– Haven’t you figured out that you are more capable, confident and more able to face the world when you are at peace spiritually? This year be intentional about spending quiet time with God, moments in Scripture, and time in corporate worship. If you invest in this area of your life you will be energized to participate in the other areas.